Following the Light of Change

       I love being on the move, whether its getting in the car with my husband, Sam and going on a road trip or hiking in the mountains. Being "on the road" is a joy and an opportunity to "see" and photograph the world around me.

        I am inspired by broad expansions of light and color, beauty in nature, and the inspiring landscapes. I drawn to capturing the ‘beautiful impermanence and rustic decay’ symbolized in the Japanese phrase 'wabi-sabi.’

        I am interested in photographing the iconographic imagery of my lifetime: pioneer cemeteries, antiquated trucks, drive-in movie remains, deteriorating barns, movie theater marquees, vanishing telephone booths. While living in Seattle, photographing urban environments, commercial window reflections, fire hydrants and the urban landscape has become an interest.

        I have been photographing for over 40 years, some of those years more concentrated than others. I started with black and white film in the darkroom, focusing solely on tonality and controlling light. Now, in the digital age, my focus remains the same.

        My intention is to see and create the beauty I perceive and then, share that vision of beauty with others. If you are interested in purchasing a print or card, please call or email me for sizes and prices.

Suzanne Lorenz 530-961-2432

“Art is our most effective way of overcoming human resistance to truth.”
Anais Nin